Key Features:
Length30 m.
Width26 m.
Length of the slipway34 m.
Slipway width21 m.
Load capacity600 t.
Max. draught of the ship to be accepted4,6 m.
Crinoline reach4 m.

Floating repair dock

Design of sectional floating dock for inspection and repair works. In comparison with the widely used dock of the P39 project the dimensions were increased, which resulted in the increase of the load capacity up to 600 tons. This change of characteristics allows to perform docking of vessels with the draft to 4,6 m, width 25 m and length 35 m (when using one section) or 70 m (when using two sections).
The project was designed to meet the urgent need for docks of this type in our country. The project includes a convenient slipway deck with all the equipment needed for the work.

Class: “P” of the Russian River Register