Key features:
Overall length15,0 m.
Overall width6,2 m.
Flange height0,6 m.
Air cushion area82,0 m.
Overall height3,83 m.
Number of seats8 people
Crew3 people
Full displacement12,0 t.
Gross tonnage18
Maximum speed55 km/h


Design of amphibious hovercraft with engine room in the stern, wheelhouse in the bow and passenger compartment in the middle part. The vessel is intended for all-year-round transportation of non-explosive cargoes and passengers (up to 8 people).

Sailing area – year-round navigation in sea coastal zone with distance from shelter place not more than 50 miles and with permissible distance between shelter places not more than 100 miles and inland waterways without restrictions. Passage over flat ice and hummocky surfaces is possible; ground and snowy surfaces without limitation of their bearing capacity.

Class: KM ACV